Competitions November Rules

Competition Rules
Age:Will be taken as at the first day of competition weekend you are performing in.
Admin Fee / Hall Entry:This is compulsory and must accompany each entry (1 per family only). This is for admission into the hall for as many people as you like throughout both weekends (except troupe night when there will be a charge). Troupes do not need to pay this fee. $20.00 per person / family.
Programmes:$8.00 each primted. – These will be available for pickup only at the door no posted copies sent due to mail not being reliable in past years,will also receive an emailed copy as soon as completed. $2.00 for emailed only copy
Cups / Trophies:All cups and trophies won at last years competitions must be returned by 1st February. Please return all trophies cleaned and engraved to Anna Ellis 206 Kyle Road Greenhithe. These can be couriered or left on doorstep.
Restricted Classes:Are for those competitors who have not previously won a first place in the type of dance they are entering at any competition. Restricted competitors may enter restricted, open class Restricted Championship and Open championship. The same dance may be repeated in all of the above classes. Once you have entered if you then win a restricted class you can still dance in any you have entered at our competition as you were restricted when entering.
Restricted Championships:Are for those competitors still in restricted (i.e. have never gained a first in a restricted or open class) OR for those competitors that are in open but never won an open championship class or a restricted championship class. Sashes will be awarded for these classes but no money will be awarded. Competitors may dance both the restricted and open championships if they wish and qualify and the same dance may be repeated.
Championship Classes:Any competitor may enter the championship class, whether restricted or open. A different dance does not need to be done, nor does a three speed dance (for tap) need to be done in any of the championship classes. All winners in the championships will receive money and sashes. Competitors must dance in the open solo class to be eligible to dance in the open championship class.
Scholarship Classes:Marks will be taken from the open classes as stated next to entries. A separate fee must be paid to enter these classes so please make sure you have entered on the entry form to be counted. Results will be tallied and announced shortly after the last dance has been completed.
PACANZ Classes:In order to enter the PACANZ Class Competitors must enter at least 2 other solo classes.
Vocal:A song performed with a microphone to a backing track. No dancing just singing. Must use microphone provided.
Student Choreography:A dance made up by the student to their choice of music prior to the competition.
Time Limits:We recommend a time limit of dances of 2 & a half minutes for under 12 years and 3 minutes 12 and over. These time limits will only be enforced if we are running very late.
Kitchen:Refreshments and light meals will be available throughout both weekends.
Refunds:Please check your entries as no refunds will be given, overpayments will be taken as sponsorship. No refunds will be given for any reason.
Sponsorship:We would greatly appreciate any sponsorship. Money will go towards sponsoring badges, sashes etc as well as buying new trophies. There are still a large number of classes with no trophy. If you are interested in donating a trophy please contact Anna.
Results:Adjudicators decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into results.
Payment:Payments must be made within 2 days of submitting an entry. We reserve the right to cancel an entry if we cannot locate a payment. We do not need to contact you to chase up your payment, it is your responsibility to check your payment has gone through within the required period.
Wait List:Once competition is full a wait list will be opened. Please complete this if you wish to be considered. People will be selected from this First in First Served, but dependant on age group and dance genre, as to where space is available. If selected you will be sent a link to complete the entry form.
Troupes:There will be an entry fee to watch the troupe sessions. Tickets will be available from the venue on the day of troupes.